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VIDEO: International Women’s Day in Yerevan, Armenia

International Women’s Day in Yerevan, Armenia | 2024

March 8th is a celebration of International Women’s Day throughout Armenia. The Armenian Report took to the lively streets of Yerevan, capturing the spirit and enthusiasm of women enjoying their well-deserved holiday.

As the nation collectively embraced the significance of the occasion, March 8th is a national holiday in Armenia. The vibrant atmosphere was enhanced by the arrival of spring, with its beautiful weather and blossoming flowers adorning the city.

Women of all ages graced the streets, adding a touch of elegance and color with flowers in hand. The festive ambiance showcased the unity and appreciation for the women who contribute to the rich tapestry of Armenian society. International Women’s Day in Yerevan is not just a celebration; it is a heartfelt acknowledgment of the invaluable role women play in shaping the community and the nation at large.


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