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Lavrov Accuses West of Attempting to Create Rift in Russia-Armenia Relations

Lavrov Accuses West of Attempting to Create Rift in Russia-Armenia Relations

The enduring partnership between Russia and Armenia faces a challenging phase amid perceived attempts by the West to sow discord between the two nations. Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov highlighted this concern in his address, delivered by Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Mikhail Galuzin, during a meeting titled "The Role and Place of Public Diplomacy in the Development of Relations between Russia and Armenia," as reported by TASS.

Lavrov's message highlighted the ongoing strains in the allied ties between Moscow and Yerevan, attributing these tensions to the West's deliberate efforts to create divisions among the closely interconnected nations. "Today, allied ties between Moscow and Yerevan are being tested in the light of the West's attempts to drive a wedge into the relations of our brotherly peoples," stated Lavrov in his address, highlighting the disruptive actions aimed at disrupting the historically strong bond between Russia and Armenia.

Moreover, the Russian foreign minister expressed optimism that the discussions held in this context would lead to the formulation of practical recommendations, fostering mutually beneficial relations between the two countries. Lavrov's statement emphasizes the importance of preserving and fortifying the harmonious ties between Russia and Armenia in the face of external pressures seeking to undermine their historical connections and strategic cooperation.

The concerns raised by Lavrov depict the challenges faced in maintaining the robust relationship between Russia and Armenia amidst external interference. The meeting served as a platform to address these issues, aiming to strengthen the bilateral relations and strategic cooperation between the two nations while safeguarding against attempts to destabilize their historical bond and collaborative endeavors.


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