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Marseille's Deputy Mayor Joins Humanitarian Mission to Artsakh, Condemns Azeri Starvation Tactics

Marseille's Deputy Mayor Joins Humanitarian Mission to Artsakh, Condemns Azeri Starvation Tactics

In a plea for humanitarian action, Michèle Rubirola, the first deputy mayor of Marseille, expressed her heartfelt support for France's initiative to send humanitarian aid to Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh). Rubirola, a prominent French official, delivered her powerful message during a press conference held in Syunik province, where she voiced her deep concerns about the ongoing suffering of the people in Artsakh.

During the conference, Rubirola emphasized the significance of her presence in the delegation, highlighting Marseille's historical connection to the Armenian community. "If Marseille was not represented in this delegation and in this aid, we would have a serious problem. Marseille remembers very well all the Armenians it accepted," she stated, underscoring the longstanding ties between the city and the Armenian people.

Rubirola's visit to Armenia marked her first, and she expressed her desire for it to have been under different circumstances. She conveyed her heartfelt wish that the Armenians of Artsakh could return to their homes, free from the suffering they have endured. "In the 21st century, starving people to force them to leave their homes is unacceptable. The suffering of any people is unacceptable. We are also here to protect all suffering peoples, wherever they are," Rubirola declared, calling for immediate action to address this humanitarian crisis.

The deputy mayor passionately urged President Emmanuel Macron to take the lead in addressing the Artsakh situation by submitting a resolution to the United Nations Security Council. Her call for international intervention highlights the urgency of the situation and the need for global cooperation to alleviate the suffering of those affected.

Furthermore, Rubirola used her platform to appeal to cities worldwide, encouraging them to follow France's example and take similar humanitarian initiatives. She stressed the importance of the international community coming together to confront the grave challenges facing people in conflict zones and to ensure that such atrocities do not go unanswered.

As the press conference concluded, Michèle Rubirola's words resonated globally, drawing attention to the critical need for immediate action in Artsakh and emphasizing that the 21st century should be marked by compassion, solidarity, and the rejection of tactics that result in the starvation and displacement of innocent people.


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