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Opposition Figures Address Voskepar Residents on Homeland Security Challenges

Opposition Figures Address Voskepar Residents on Homeland Security Challenges

Over the weekend, Ani Khachatryan, a correspondent for The Armenian Report, traveled to Voskepar to connect with the local community and shed light on their sentiments and concerns. However, the visit took a political turn as leaders from the opposition Armenia bloc arrived for meetings with residents, highlighting the growing tension surrounding homeland security.

Prominent figures such as Former Defense Minister of Armenia and current Member of Parliament (MP) Seyran Ohanyan, along with MPs Levon Kocharyan, Aspram Krpeyan, Garnik Danielyan, Kristine Vardanyan, Aghvan Vardanyan, and Ishkhan Saghatelyan, Chairman of the ARF Armenia Supreme Council, gathered in Voskepar to engage with the community.

MP Aspram Krpeyan, in her address to The Armenian Report, commended the unwavering resolve of Voskepar residents in safeguarding their homeland amidst escalating tensions. She highlighted their dedication to preserving Armenian statehood, stressing that their resistance serves as a rallying point for Armenians worldwide.

Expressing disdain for what she labeled as "ridiculous claims" from the current government, Krpeyan emphasized the sacrifices made by Voskepar residents and called for global support in solidarity with Armenians facing adversity in Armenia. She pledged continued advocacy both within the parliament and alongside grassroots movements, reaffirming their commitment to defending Armenian interests.

Meanwhile, Ishkhan Saghatelyan, in a Facebook post, highlighted the collective opposition forming against perceived concessions proposed by the government in Tavush. He highlighted the gravity of the security challenges faced by residents, characterizing it as a national issue requiring unified resistance.

Saghatelyan outlined a multifaceted approach to counter concessions, advocating for simultaneous action on local, national, and international fronts. This includes parliamentary sessions, hearings, engagement on international platforms, regional initiatives, and awareness campaigns to galvanize support for homeland security.


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