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Pashinyan Reveals Key Clause in Controversial Peace Treaty with Azerbaijan

Updated: Feb 8

Pashinyan Reveals Key Clause in Controversial Peace Treaty with Azerbaijan

Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan disclosed a crucial clause, termed as "an agreed article," from the text of the peace treaty under discussion. The confession came in response to growing speculation and claims that the government intended to alter the Constitution to facilitate the signing of the peace agreement with Azerbaijan.

Pashinyan addressed concerns about the government's constitutional changes, emphasizing that the Constitution primarily governs internal affairs but also plays a role in regulating foreign relations. He argued that evolving global conditions necessitate a reevaluation of how nations engage with the outside world, arguing that the current Constitution, adopted under different circumstances, might no longer be entirely applicable.

The Prime Minister emphasized the need for increased external protection and proposed a different approach. "We talk about the army and foreign relations to ensure a security component, but we should also incorporate a third element – these must serve the legitimate interests of the state within internationally recognized territories. This is a strategic step towards enhancing our overall security," he stated.

Pashinyan's disclosure of a specific wording from the peace agreement drew attention from Artsvik Minasyan, the secretary of the opposition "Armenia" faction, who questioned the motive behind declassifying this provision.

Minasyan emphasized the paramount importance of constitutional adherence, arguing that no international treaty should contradict the Constitution of Armenia. He criticized the government's legal advisors, stating, "If your legal advisers were proper, they would have said that no international agreement can go through the process of legal ratification if it contradicts the Constitution of the Republic of Armenia."

The Prime Minister's move to unveil a specific clause has ignited a debate, with opinions divided on whether the disclosed provision aligns with the constitutional framework. 


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