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PM Pashinyan Condemns Baku's Statements as a "Serious Blow" to Peace Process

PM Pashinyan Condemns Baku's Statements as a "Serious Blow" to Peace Process

Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan expressed deep concern over recent statements from Azerbaijan, characterizing them as a "serious blow" to the ongoing peace process between the two nations. Pashinyan made these remarks on Saturday, highlighting the detrimental impact of Baku's declarations on the delicate diplomatic negotiations.

Addressing the media, Pashinyan outlined the reasons behind his assessment, emphasizing the foundational principles agreed upon by both Armenia and Azerbaijan. He stressed that the basis for peace, as well as the delimitation and demarcation of borders, should adhere to the 1991 December Alma-Ata Declaration. This declaration stipulates the recognition of each other's territorial integrity, aligning the Republic of Armenia's territory with that of the Armenian SSR and Azerbaijan's territory with the Azerbaijani SSR.

Pashinyan stressed that the Alma-Ata Declaration emphasizes the independence of former Soviet republics and the preservation of administrative borders as state borders. According to the Prime Minister, the delimitation process should not aim to create new borders but rather restate the existing borders at the time of the Alma-Ata Declaration.

The agreements reflecting these principles were recorded in the quadrilateral statement resulting from the October 6, 2022 Prague meeting, subsequent discussions in Sochi, and the meeting in Brussels on July 15, 2023. Pashinyan pointed out that these agreements form the basis for diplomatic negotiations and are crucial for maintaining regional stability.

Expressing his disappointment, Pashinyan highlighted the contradiction between Azerbaijan's recent statements and the established logic and agreements. He warned that the statements coming from Azerbaijan's leadership directly challenge the agreed-upon principles, jeopardizing the progress made in the peace process.

Furthermore, Pashinyan raised concerns about Azerbaijan's attempt to generate territorial claims against Armenia, deeming such actions "totally unacceptable." The Prime Minister cautioned against any attempts to deviate from the previously agreed-upon frameworks and urged a commitment to the established principles for the peaceful resolution of conflicts between the two nations.


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