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PM Pashinyan: No Armenian Villages Will be Handed Over to Azerbaijan from Tavush Region

Updated: Mar 13

Prime Minister of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan holding a map of Armenia

Armenia's Prime Minister, Nikol Pashinyan, spoke out confidently during a press conference on Tuesday, stating that there would be no discussion about giving any village in the Tavush region to Azerbaijan. He made this statement in response to Azerbaijan's persistent claims over Armenian territory, particularly its demand for four villages in Tavush.

Pashinyan clarified that the villages Azerbaijan mentions have never been part of Armenia's land, neither during Soviet times nor afterward. He emphasized, "There has never been and cannot be any discussion about handing over any village of the Tavush region to Azerbaijan."

Addressing the confusion surrounding the issue, Pashinyan proposed clarifying Armenia's territory as a crucial first step. He displayed Armenia's land on a map, pointing out that the villages Azerbaijan claims are not within Armenia's borders.

Furthermore, Pashinyan suggested that the delimitation process could begin from the Tavush region. He discussed three principles for seeking peace with Azerbaijan: reaffirming the border established at the USSR's collapse, reproducing this border, and ensuring Armenia's security.

Pashinyan reminded everyone about the de jure border confirmed by the Alma-Ata Declaration and agreements in Prague on October 6, 2022. He stressed the importance of respecting these borders and maintaining territorial integrity.

Prime Minister of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan holding a map of Armenia

Regarding delimitation, Pashinyan emphasized the need for a comprehensive analysis of the situation and existing security challenges around Armenia. He cautioned against territorial exchanges that could escalate tensions, advocating instead for reconstructing communication routes to align with Armenia's recognized territory.

Pashinyan announced plans to visit Tavush soon to understand any potential issues firsthand. He emphasized the importance of legitimacy in ensuring Armenia's security and proposed expediting delimitation and demarcation processes while establishing a legal basis, addressing functional issues, and ensuring security.

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“Prime Minister Pashinyan: Not a single Armenian village from the Tavush region will be transferred to Azerbaijan - that is, the Prime Minister still has doubts about other regions of RA?? Wasn’t it him then in 2019 when he claimed, that “Artsakh is Armenia!!!” ??

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