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Prominent Armenian Political Scientist and Journalist Details Police Brutality from Hospital Bed

Abraham Gasparyan

In an interview with The Armenian Report, Abraham Gasparyan, a well-known journalist and political scientist, recounted a disturbing event he says occurred on the evening of June 12, 2024. Speaking from his hospital room in Yerevan, Gasparyan described being violently attacked by Armenian police officers in red and black berets.


Photos released shortly after the incident show Gasparyan, the Director of Genesis Armenia Think Tank and Foundation, bloodied and bruised. His clothes were torn, and he was missing a shoe. This scene unfolded following a clash between police and civilians.

Abraham Gasparyan beaten and bloody


Gasparyan was taken to a local police station before being released three hours later and seeking medical attention. Doctors diagnosed him with a severe concussion, broken ribs, and multiple bruises, injuries he claims were inflicted by the police. He described being dragged on the ground and beaten by approximately 20 officers.

Abraham Gasparyan

The TV host accused the police of deliberately targeting news camera operators to prevent them from capturing the incident. He emphasized the importance of resilience, urging Armenians to remain strong like Mount Ararat and not lose focus on what truly matters: the will and spirit of Armenia.

Gasparyan announced his intention to file charges against the Ministry of Internal Affairs, which oversees the police department. He warned Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan that this attack would not silence his critical views of the government. Once recovered, he vowed to seek justice.


Archbishop Bagrat Galstanyan, speaking on Baghramyan Avenue, condemned the attack, calling for the widespread sharing of Gasparyan's bloodied image. He criticized the police, describing them as hooligans and holding them accountable for their actions unless they denounce such behavior.

The incident involving Gasparyan has sparked significant public outcry and raised questions about police conduct in Armenia. As Gasparyan prepares to take legal action against the Ministry of Internal Affairs, his case highlights broader concerns about freedom of expression and human rights in the country.

Abraham Gasparyan

Abraham Gasparyan: A Brief Biography

Born on May 10, 1981, in Aleppo, Syria, Abraham Gasparyan attended the National Haigazian School and Karen Jeppe Armenian College. In 1999, he moved to Armenia to pursue higher education in Yerevan. He earned his bachelor's, master's, and post-doctoral degrees in Political Sciences and International Relations from Yerevan State University (YSU).

Gasparyan defended his dissertation at the Institute of National Strategic Studies of the Ministry of Defense, earning a PhD in Political Science. He is an Associate Professor at YSU's Faculty of International Relations and a prominent TV anchor and journalist. He headed the Information-Analytical Department at ArmNews TV and teaches at several universities.

Gasparyan has published numerous scientific articles and monographs in political science and international relations. Since 2003, he has worked across all media platforms in Armenia, including print, electronic, radio, and television. He has also collaborated with various international political science centers. Gasparyan is married and has two sons.


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