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Reports of Ilyushin Plane Loaded with Weapons Made 14 Flights Between Baku & Nakhijevan

In a concerning development, a cargo plane, identified as an Ilyushin with a capacity of 50 tons, has reportedly conducted 14 flights loaded with military equipment between the Azerbaijani capital, Baku, and the enclave of Nakhijevan. The flights occurred over the last two weeks, prompting questions about the nature and implications of such deliveries.

Details Unveiled by French Journalist:

The reports come from French journalist Jean-Christophe Buisson, who serves as the deputy director of Le Figaro daily in France. Buisson shared this information on his Twitter account, expressing the alarming frequency of the Ilyushin cargo plane's movements.

Significance of Nakhijevan's Proximity to Yerevan:

Nakhijevan, an Azerbaijani occupied enclave, is situated less than 100 kilometers from Yerevan, the capital city of Armenia. The geographical proximity adds a layer of complexity to the situation, especially given recent statements by Azerbaijani President Aliyev concerning Armenian territories.

Questions Arise About Cargo Contents:

The report raises questions about the nature of the military equipment being transported on these flights. The capacity of the Ilyushin plane suggests a substantial cargo load, emphasizing the need for transparency and clarification regarding the contents and purpose of these deliveries.

Concerns Over Regional Stability:

The repeated flights carrying weapons between Baku and Nakhijevan raise concerns about potential implications for regional stability. The proximity of the flights to Armenia's capital adds an additional dimension to the situation, necessitating a careful examination of the broader geopolitical context.

International Scrutiny Expected:

As news of these flights circulates, it is anticipated that the international community will scrutinize the matter closely. The transparency and accountability of such military movements play a crucial role in maintaining regional peace and stability.

Awaiting Official Responses:

The developments highlight the importance of official responses from relevant authorities in Azerbaijan and Armenia. Clarity on the purpose and contents of the cargo transported by the Ilyushin plane is essential to address concerns and maintain open communication between the nations involved.

This finding by Jean-Christophe Buisson highlights a situation that demands attention and transparency, with potential implications for the delicate balance in the region.


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