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Resistance Movement Leader Warns Pashinyan Government Is Attempting To Isolate & Disengage Diaspora

Ishkhan Saghatelyan

Armenia's opposition leader, Ishkhan Saghatelyan, held a town hall meeting in Burbank, CA during his visit to Los Angeles.

On April 10, the chair of the Supreme Council of Armenia of the Armenian Revolutionary Federation (ARF) had an open conversation with Diaspora Armenian-Americans.

The Armenian Report attended the event on behalf of the Diaspora.

During the meeting, the lead coordinator of the Resistance Movement claimed that the current Armenian government is attempting to disappoint the diaspora and create distance between Diasporans and Armenia.

“They [the ruling government] repeatedly tells you that they [former government] have stolen and robbed us for 30 years, nothing has changed, everything you sent Armenia was stolen — they say all this so that you will be disappointed and not stand beside Armenia and Artsakh,” said Saghatelyan.

He reminded the audience that Armenia needs its diaspora and the government's agenda is to keep them away.

Saghatelyan pointed out that it is no coincidence that Turkish officials in high positions always say they will find communication with Armenia, but the diaspora intervenes. The opposition leader suggested that the Turks, with the help of the Armenian government, have managed to divide the diaspora into groups and disunite the Armenian Diaspora.

He emphasized that the diaspora is in a state of major disappointment, and after Armenia's independence, the diaspora raised a generation of youth proud of the Artsakh Freedom Fighters and instilled in them that they are the children of winners.

Saghatelyan reminded the audience that Armenia had two separate independent republics, which every Armenian was proud of, but today, the country is facing an existential crisis.

He urged Diaspora Armenians to visit Armenia more often, especially while PM Nikol Pashinyan is in power. Saghatelyan said that every time they see Pashinyan, they must remind him of who he is.

“For as long as he is in power, you need to visit Armenia more often and every time you see him you must remind him of who he is,” said Saghatelyan whose message was received with a loud applause from the audience.


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