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Russia Accuses France of Using Armenia for Selfish Goals to Achieve Its Own Opportunistic Agendas

The spokesperson for the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA), Maria Zakharova

The spokesperson for the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA), Maria Zakharova, has accused France of manipulating Armenia to serve its own strategic interests, rather than prioritizing the welfare of Armenia and its people. This statement was made during the MFA's weekly press briefing, highlighting growing geopolitical tensions in the Caucasus region.

Zakharova criticized Paris for what she described as opportunistic policies aimed at expanding its influence without assuming responsibility for the consequences. "This is typical of Parisian policy: to be omnipresent but avoid accountability. They had numerous chances to resolve conflicts, including through mechanisms like the Minsk agreements, which, as we discovered, were merely a facade," she stated.

Drawing specific attention to France's stance on the Caucasus, Zakharova emphasized Russia's role as a transparent mediator committed to creating peace and stability. She emphasized Russia's efforts in facilitating peace agreements and economic opportunities between Armenia and Azerbaijan, framing these actions as constructive and in the best interests of regional stability.

Furthermore, Zakharova suggested that Western powers, including France, have harbored resentment towards Russia's involvement in the Caucasus, viewing the region as within their sphere of influence. She insinuated that France's actions could be interpreted as retaliation against Russia's successful peace initiatives in the region, which she claimed have yielded tangible progress and pathways out of long-standing conflicts.

"Russia has consistently sought practical solutions based on agreed frameworks," Zakharova stated. "However, those who now advise the region, like France, risk exacerbating tensions and leading the region towards disaster without assuming accountability for their actions."

The spokesperson expressed skepticism regarding France's accountability in the aftermath of its interventions in the Caucasus, warning of potential repercussions for peaceful civilians caught in the geopolitical crossfire.


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