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Sotk Gold Mine Operates Partially Despite Ongoing Azerbaijani Threats

Sotk Gold Mine Operates Partially Despite Ongoing Azerbaijani Threats

The Sotk gold mine, located near the border and frequently targeted by Azerbaijani forces, continues partial operations, according to Governor Karen Sargsyan of the Gegharkunik Province. Sargsyan provided an update during a press conference on Thursday, stating that while the gold mine functions in a closed section, the open area has remained inactive for several months.

"The operations in the closed mine continue, but the open section hasn’t been working for several months now," Sargsyan confirmed.

Despite the ongoing challenges faced by the gold mine, Governor Sargsyan assured the public that overall security in the province remains stable and calm. He emphasized that there have been no significant changes in the security situation.

"In terms of security, the situation is stable, it is calm, there’s been no change," the governor reiterated, providing reassurance amid the persistent threats faced by the Sotk gold mine.

The partial operation of the gold mine highlights the resilience of the local Armenian community and their determination to continue essential activities despite the security risks posed by Azerbaijan. The situation continues to be closely monitored, with efforts ongoing to ensure the safety and stability of the area and its residents.


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