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VIDEO: Tourists in Yerevan React to Violent Protests

Tourists in Yerevan React to Violent Protests

Following a violent protest in Yerevan that left 101 people injured, The Armenian Report hit the streets to gather reactions from tourists vacationing in the city. The unrest, which occurred in the heart of downtown Yerevan, saw clashes between police and protesters, resulting in injuries and hospitalizations. Protesters are demanding the resignation of Armenia’s Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan.

Despite the turmoil, Yerevan remains a popular summer destination for travelers from around the world. Tourists from countries such as the Netherlands, Philippines, Hong Kong, China, India, Russia, Egypt, and the UK shared their experiences with The Armenian Report.

We asked them how they are enjoying vacationing in Armenia and if they feel safe? We also asked if they knew about the clashes with police yesterday in the heart of downtown Yerevan. 

For more detailed responses and to see firsthand reactions, watch our video report. Tourists from around the world share their thoughts on vacationing in Armenia amidst the recent protests.

The recent violence in Yerevan has raised concerns, but the city remains a vibrant destination for international visitors. While no tourists expressed unease as they continue to enjoy their time in Armenia, appreciating its culture and hospitality. The Armenian Report will continue to monitor the situation and provide updates on the safety and experiences of those visiting Yerevan.


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