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UNESCO Appoints Azerbaijan VP, Sparking Outrage Over Azerbaijan's Extensive Crimes Against Humanity

UNESCO Appoints Azerbaijan VP, Sparking Outrage Over Azerbaijan's Extensive Crimes Against Humanity

In a shocking turn of events, Azerbaijan has been elected as the Vice-President of the 42nd General Conference of UNESCO, raising concerns and condemnation from various quarters. The 42nd session of the UNESCO General Conference commenced recently, where elections were held for key positions, including the president, vice presidents, and chairpersons of commissions and committees.

Azerbaijan's elevation to the position of vice president has sparked outrage, drawing strong criticism from international observers. French journalist Jean-Christophe Buisson, the deputy director of Le Figaro daily, expressed his dismay over UNESCO's decision. In a scathing remark, Buisson labeled the move as a "disgrace" and highlighted UNESCO's failure to condemn Azerbaijan's actions during the 9-month blockade of Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh), which deprived thousands of Armenian children of food, education, and basic human necessities. This blockade ultimately resulted in the ethnic cleansing of the indigenous Armenian population in Artsakh.

"UNESCO did not see fit to condemn the Azeris during the 9 months during which they prevented thousands of Armenian children from following their school process through the blockade of Artsakh. And it elects Azerbaijan to the vice-presidency of its General Conference! Disgrace," Buisson remarked on social media.

Users on various platforms joined Buisson in expressing their disappointment and concern about the organization's decision. Many criticized the move, describing it as "terrible" and emphasizing that international organizations were losing their honor and trust due to such actions.

The decision to appoint Azerbaijan as the Vice-President of the UNESCO General Conference has led to questions about the organization's integrity and commitment to human rights. Critics argue that this move contradicts the principles of promoting education, peace, and cultural understanding, which UNESCO stands for. The lack of condemnation for Azerbaijan's actions during the blockade of Artsakh has only intensified the global outcry against this controversial appointment.


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