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25 Dead, 128 Injured in Azerbaijani Attack on Artsakh

25 Dead, 128 Injured in Azerbaijani Attack on Artsakh

A large-scale military operation by Azerbaijan has resulted in 25 fatalities and 128 injuries, according to Artsakh's Ministry of Health. Among the injured, preliminary reports indicate that 15 are civilians who are currently receiving medical treatment at the Republican Medical Center of Artsakh CJSC under the Ministry of Health's care. Dedicated medical professionals are diligently working to save lives and provide essential care to the wounded.

Additionally, the Office of the Human Rights Defender has received information from the Stepanakert morgue, indicating that as of 8pm local time, there are 25 victims resulting from the full-fledged terroristic attack by Azerbaijan. This includes two civilians among the casualties, one of whom is a child.

At the Arevik children’s medical center, 12 children are currently receiving urgent medical care, with three of them in serious condition. These young patients are undergoing critical surgical procedures to address their injuries.

As of 8pm local time on September 19, intense fighting persists along the entire line of contact, as reported by Artsakh's Defense Ministry. The Azerbaijani side is utilizing heavy artillery, rocket systems, attack drones, and military aircraft in the ongoing conflict. The situation remains fluid and fraught with challenges, as efforts to protect civilian lives and restore peace continue.

Azerbaijan’s goal in this attack is to ethnically cleanse the Republic of Artsakh and its Armenian population.


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