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30 Masked Attackers Launch Violent Assault on Armenian Clergy, Seminarians, and Youth in Jerusalem's Armenian Quarter Amid Land Dispute

30 Masked Attackers Launch Violent Assault on Armenian Clergy, Seminarians, and Youth in Jerusalem

An appalling incident took place in the heart of Jerusalem's Old City today as approximately 30 assailants, clad in black attire and masks, launched a violent attack on the Armenian community in the "Cows’ Garden" area. Armed with an arsenal of sticks, tear gas-grenades, and assorted weapons, the attackers aimed to intimidate, cause harm, and forcibly expel the Armenian residents from their area of residence, according to a report from

The assault, which began around 12:40 pm local time, took a dire turn as the assailants resorted to hurling stones at the Armenians. Reacting swiftly, the Armenian youth and clerics engaged in a valiant defense, staunchly resisting the attackers. They managed to maintain their ground until law enforcement officers, stationed a mere 200 meters away, eventually arrived, albeit tardily, to stop the escalating violence.

The Armenian Patriarchate of Jerusalem disclosed that while the attack has been halted, the aftermath revealed a distressing toll on the community. Two Armenians were apprehended by the police, and the extent of the injuries sustained by several priests, deacons, students of the Armenian Theological Academy, and local Armenians was severe.

In a statement addressing the incident, the Armenian Patriarchate pointedly linked the assault to recent legal actions taken by the community. "This is the criminal response we have received for filing a lawsuit with the Jerusalem District Court regarding the ‘Cows’ Garden’ issue, which was officially received by the court 24 hours ago," the patriarchate emphasized.

Setrag Balian, recounting the ordeal to The Armenian Report, described the horrifying attack, detailing the arsenal wielded by the assailants and the injuries inflicted upon community members. Balian criticized the delayed police response despite the proximity of law enforcement to the scene.

Further insights were offered by Hagop Djernazian, who alleged the attackers were associated with individuals attempting to seize control of the land. He outlined the tactics employed to intimidate the community but praised the resilience of the Armenians in repelling the assault. Djernazian also highlighted the detention of two community members and appealed for their immediate release.

“They were sent on behalf of Ozana, George Warwar and Danny Rubinstein who tried to take over the land. They attacked our community members with pepper spray, with stones. They tried to use intimidation tactics. But our community members and the clergy stood in front of them firmly. Two of our committee members were taken to the local police station by the police. We are still waiting for them to come out. The situation continues to be tense, but it's calm now. We are in control of the entire land,” Djernazian told The Armenian Report.

The situation remains filled with tension, raising concerns over the safety and security of the Armenian community in the ongoing land dispute. Calls have been made for urgent intervention by the Armenian Patriarchate to leverage their connections with authorities for the prompt release of the detained individuals.

As investigations unfold, the incident has amplified apprehensions and underlined the urgent need for swift, decisive action to safeguard the rights and security of the Armenian community in Jerusalem's Old City.

The Israeli authorities have yet to confirm any arrests in connection with the attack, leaving uncertainties regarding the perpetrators' accountability for this brazen assault on the Armenian residents.

For further developments on this evolving story, stay tuned for updates.


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