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Amid Blockade Crisis, Red Cross Facilitates Vital Medical Care Transfer for Patients from Artsakh

Red Cross

Amid a dire humanitarian crisis fueled by an ongoing blockade, a total of fifteen patients from the Republican Medical Center of Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh) were transported to medical institutions in Armenia on Wednesday, accompanied by their companions. The transfer was executed under the supervision of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), as confirmed by the Artsakh Ministry of Health.

The collaborative effort, spearheaded by the ICRC, assumes a renewed urgency due to the formidable challenges posed by the blockade. The Lachin Corridor, which serves as the sole road linking Artsakh to Armenia and the wider world, has been blocked by Azerbaijan. Consequently, Armenian citizens in Artsakh have been left grappling with an acute scarcity of essential supplies, including food and medical aid.

This dire situation emphasizes the critical importance of transferring patients to Armenia to access specialized medical care. The ICRC's instrumental role in orchestrating the secure and orderly transportation underscores the organization's steadfast commitment to its humanitarian mandate.

Simultaneously, seventeen patients, who had previously been transported to Armenia for medical treatment under state funding, are now preparing to return to Artsakh. The ICRC's guidance will once again be pivotal in overseeing their safe repatriation, with due consideration for their accompanying companions.

Within the confines of the conflict-ridden region, twenty-eight children are presently receiving vital inpatient care at the Arevik Medical Center in Artsakh. Among them, four children are situated within the neonatal and intensive care units, signifying the persisting need for specialized medical attention.

At the Republican Medical Center, ninety-six patients are undergoing intensive inpatient treatment. Seven of them are under the close observation of the medical team in the intensive care unit, with four individuals categorized as being in critical condition. The unwavering dedication of the medical personnel is palpable in their relentless efforts to stabilize and support patients during these pivotal moments.

As the humanitarian crisis continues to unfold, the collaborative synergy between medical institutions, patients' companions, and esteemed organizations like the ICRC remains paramount.


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