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Ararat Icon: Nikolay Ghazaryan, Renowned Armenian Football Legend, Passes Away at 76

Ararat Icon: Nikolay Ghazaryan, Renowned Armenian Football Legend, Passes Away at 76

The Football Federation of Armenia has announced the passing of Nikolay Ghazaryan, the esteemed Armenian football legend, at the age of 76. Ghazaryan, recognized as an international master of sports and an Honored Worker of Physical Education and Sport of the Republic of Armenia, left an indelible mark on Armenian football.

Renowned for his exceptional contributions and remarkable achievements, Ghazaryan's legacy in the world of football remains unparalleled. On October 10, 2013, he was honored with the prestigious 1st degree medal "For Services to the Motherland" for his profound dedication to the development of Armenian football and his outstanding accomplishments.

Ghazaryan's illustrious career included significant milestones and triumphs. In 1973, he clinched both the championship and the cup for the USSR as a vital part of the Yerevan-based club "Ararat." Additionally, he secured silver medals with the club in 1971 and 1976, showcasing his unwavering prowess and skill on the field.

During his tenure, Ghazaryan exhibited his remarkable talent and commitment, playing an impressive 295 games for Ararat and scoring a total of 67 goals. His prowess extended beyond national borders as he represented the youth and Olympic teams of the USSR, showcasing his exceptional abilities on an international stage.

Moreover, his dedication to the sport extended off the field. He played a pivotal role in the foundation of the newly established Football Federation of the Republic of Armenia in 1992, serving as its inaugural president until 1994. His leadership and vision significantly contributed to shaping the future of football in Armenia.

Nikolay Ghazaryan's profound impact on Armenian football, both as a player and a visionary leader, has left an enduring legacy. His remarkable achievements, unwavering dedication, and unparalleled commitment to the sport have earned him a place of honor in the annals of Armenian football history.

As the football community mourns the loss of a true icon, Ghazaryan's contributions and legacy will continue to inspire future generations of football enthusiasts and athletes, ensuring that his memory lives on in the hearts of fans and admirers worldwide.


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