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Archbishop Insists on Public Accountability, Refuses Private Meeting with Human Rights Defender

Archbishop Insists on Public Accountability, Refuses Private Meeting with Human Rights Defender

On Tuesday morning, supporters of Archbishop Bagrat Galstanyan, leader of the "Tavush for the Homeland" movement, gathered at Saint Anna Church in downtown Yerevan. The Archbishop announced plans to meet with a very important person but chose not to disclose the individual's identity, citing past issues with the Investigative Committee.

In response to the gathering, the Armenian Human Rights Defender, Anahit Manasyan, offered a closed meeting with the Archbishop and a few of his supporters. However, Galstanyan declined, emphasizing the need for transparency and public accountability, especially regarding recent police actions and the treatment of protesters.

Galstanyan voiced strong criticism of the Human Rights Defender, accusing the office of failing to address illegal actions by the police adequately. He questioned the courage and effectiveness of the Human Rights Defender in protecting human rights and ensuring that authorities are held accountable for their actions.

The Armenian Report’s Ani Khachatryan continues to cover the street protests in Yerevan. To keep up with all the videos directly being published from the capital, follow us on YouTube.

Meeting with Former President Serzh Sargsyan

Archbishop Galstanyan shared that among former presidents, he has only met with Serzh Sargsyan. He encouraged people who support the movement's views to join their street protests. On this particular day, the movement's participants, led by the Archbishop, marched to the Office of the Human Rights Defender in Armenia.

Future Plans and Rallies

Galstanyan announced plans to travel to Vardenis town in Gegharkunik Province, with a rally scheduled for 6 PM in Sotk village. He emphasized the importance of Sotk due to its proximity to the Azerbaijan border. He also mentioned future plans to visit Syunik Province but did not provide specific dates due to important functions he needs to perform in Yerevan.

Arrests and Legal Actions

Lawyer Ruben Melikyan announced that three more participants of the Tavush for the Homeland were arrested. The lawyer published the names of the arrested persons: Zhora Avetisyan, Mesrop Yesayan and Gagik Hambardzumyan.Investigative actions were underway against them at the time. The movement's supporters have faced significant opposition from law enforcement, with many detained during protests.

Upcoming Rally and Transitional Government Plans

Archbishop Galstanyan announced a significant rally in Republic Square on June 9 at 6:30 PM. He outlined the three main functions of a proposed transitional government: reconciliation, regulating international relations, and preparing for extraordinary elections without the interim government's participation to maintain justice.

The movement, under Archbishop Galstanyan's leadership, continues to push for significant changes in Armenia, advocating for human rights, government accountability, and national sovereignty amidst ongoing geopolitical challenges.


The Tavush for the Homeland movement, led by Archbishop Galstanyan, began protests in Armenia after the announcement on April 19 that Armenia and Azerbaijan agreed to start border delimitation in Tavush Province. On May 9, Archbishop Galstanyan led a protest march from Tavush to Yerevan, calling for Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan to resign. The movement has continued with various actions and rallies, aiming to bring attention to their cause.


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