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Armenia 2041 Foundation Launches the Galvanizing Diaspora Program

Armenia 2041 Foundation Launches the Galvanizing Diaspora Program

The Armenia 2041 Foundation announced the launch of the new Galvanizing Diaspora program. The initiative is set to revitalize and strengthen the Armenian Diaspora worldwide and create a positive impact in global Armenian communities.


The Galvanizing Diaspora program will award ten grants, each valued at $ 10,000, to Diaspora Armenians and other individuals or groups striving to preserve and promote Armenian heritage and language and seeking creative solutions to engage youth in projects that strengthen Armenian communities. The program also encourages collaboration between various units of the Diaspora.


All the interested parties with innovative pan-Armenian ideas are welcome to apply to the Galvanizing Diaspora program. The proposed projects should address at least one of the following themes:


Preserving and promoting Armenian heritage.

Supporting Armenian culture.

Promoting Armenian language usage.

Creating professional development and entrepreneurship opportunities for the youth.

Establishing closer ties between the Diaspora and Armenia.

Designing creative projects that strengthen Armenian communities.


The details for applying to the program are available here:



The application period closes on June 30, 2024. After this, twenty shortlisted applicants will have an opportunity to collaborate closely with 10 accomplished Armenians who will serve as advisors to their projects.


Each mentor will work with two initiatives, assisting them in refining their proposals and developing compelling short videos for the final pitching session. Each of the 10 initiatives - recommended by the judges and selected by the Board of Armenia 2041 - will be awarded a grant of $ 10,000 to bring their visionary ideas to life.


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