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Armenia and Georgia to Begin Border Delimitation Work

Armenia and Georgia to Begin Border Delimitation Work

Armenia and Georgia are taking steps towards resolving longstanding border issues by agreeing to initiate border delimitation work. Deputy Foreign Minister of Armenia, Vahan Kostanyan, announced this development to the press on Thursday, signaling a renewed commitment from both governments.

The border delimitation process, which has spanned over three decades, is now set to progress towards a conclusion as both countries express readiness to resume discussions. Kostanyan revealed that Armenia and Georgia have revamped the composition of their respective border delimitation commissions in preparation for upcoming sessions.

"While sessions of these commissions have not yet commenced, both countries are diligently working on their respective tasks. We anticipate that progress will be made swiftly," stated Kostanyan, emphasizing the importance of the Alma Ata declaration of 1991 as a guiding principle for Armenia's border delimitation with its neighbors.

In addition to border-related matters, Kostanyan highlighted ongoing discussions between Armenia and Georgia aimed at fostering joint infrastructure projects, enhancing political dialogue, and strengthening ties between their populations. The cooperation between the two nations extends beyond border issues, reflecting a broader commitment to regional stability and collaboration.


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