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Armenia Announces Top 10 Athletes of the Year 2023

Armenia Announces Top 10 Athletes of the Year 2023

The Ministry of Education, Science, Culture, and Sports in Armenia concluded its annual review in sports, unveiling the top 10 athletes of the year after conducting a voting process involving sports journalists and head coaches of national teams.

The list, compiled by journalists, highlighted outstanding athletes based on their remarkable performances throughout the year, acknowledging their contributions to the nation's sports landscape. Notably, some journalists abstained from participating in the voting process, expressing discontent over omissions they deemed deserving of recognition.

Following the conclusion of the voting process, the Ministry of Sport and Sports officially declared the top 10 athletes of the year in Armenia:

1. Artur Aleksanyan (Wrestling)

Artur Aleksanyan (Wrestling)

2. Malkhas Amoyan (Wrestling)

Malkhas Amoyan (Wrestling)

3. Arman Andreasyan (Wrestling)

Arman Andreasyan (Wrestling)

4. Hovhannes Bachkov (Boxing)

Hovhannes Bachkov (Boxing)

5. Artur Davtyan (Gymnastics)

Artur Davtyan (Gymnastics)

6. Vazgen Tevanyan (Wrestling)

Vazgen Tevanyan (Wrestling)

7. Varazdat Lalayan (Weightlifting)

Varazdat Lalayan (Weightlifting)

8. Arsen Harutyunyan (Wrestling)

Arsen Harutyunyan (Wrestling)

9. Narek Manasyan (Boxing)

Narek Manasyan (Boxing)

10. Gor Sahakyan (Weightlifting)

Gor Sahakyan (Weightlifting)

Deputy Minister Karen Giloyan, from the Ministry of Education, Science, Culture, and Sports, highlighted the exceptional year in Armenian sports, celebrating the nation's success in securing a total of 436 medals across various sports disciplines.

Speaking exclusively to The Armenian Report, boxer Hovhannes Bachkov expressed his honor in being recognized among the top 10 athletes, remarking, "It's a privilege for me every time to be among the elite athletes."

Gymnast Artur Davtyan shared his excitement about being named one of the top athletes in the country, expressing gratitude for the recognition, stating, "It's an immense honor for me to be acknowledged among the best athletes in the Republic."

The announcement not only celebrated the achievements of these remarkable athletes but also highlighted Armenia's commitment to nurturing and honoring excellence in its sports community. The recognition serves as a testament to the dedication and talent displayed by these athletes, inspiring future generations to aim for similar heights in the field of sports.


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