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Armenia Extends $300,000 Aid to Japan for Earthquake Relief Efforts

Armenia Extends $300,000 Aid to Japan for Earthquake Relief Efforts

Armenia has pledged $300,000 in aid to Japan to assist the survivors of the devastating earthquake that struck the Noto Peninsula on January 1. The decision to provide this assistance was made during a recent Cabinet meeting of the Armenian government.

The draft decision outlining the aid package was crafted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Armenia. The funding for this humanitarian assistance will be drawn from the reserve fund of the Armenian government, earmarked specifically for disaster relief efforts.

In explaining the rationale behind this decision, officials highlighted Japan's significant contributions to Armenia as a major donor country. Since the establishment of diplomatic relations between Armenia and Japan in 1992, Japan has generously provided over $84 million in grants for the development of Armenia. 

Armenia's gesture of support comes at a critical time for Japan, as communities grapple with the aftermath of the earthquake and work to rebuild their lives. By extending a helping hand, Armenia aims to alleviate the suffering of those affected by the disaster and contribute to the humanitarian response efforts in Japan.


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