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Armenia Proposes TV Time Limits for Criminal Subculture Films

Armenia Proposes TV Time Limits for Criminal Subculture Films

In a proactive move against the propagation of criminal subculture through audio-visual media, Alen Simonyan, the Speaker of the National Assembly (NA) in Armenia, alongside Artur Hovhannisyan, Secretary of the "Civil Contract" faction, introduced a draft law that imposes stringent time restrictions on broadcasting films and audio-visual programs associated with criminal subculture propaganda.

Simonyan highlighted that under the proposed law, such content will only be permitted for television broadcast between the hours of 00:00 and 06:00 (midnight - 6am). This legislative step marks the initial phase of addressing the issue, with potential for further restrictions, including additional tax burdens and legal limitations, on organizations involved in producing such materials.

Expressing his standpoint on the matter, Simonyan emphasized the crucial role of media outlets and film production entities in shaping societal values. "Television companies and film production organizations should take a stand against such content to prevent the endorsement of these detrimental values within our society," wrote Simonyan in a statement on "Telegram."

This strategic initiative aims to curb the influence of audio-visual content that glorifies criminal subculture, fostering an environment conducive to positive moral development and societal well-being. By confining the broadcasting hours for such materials, the legislation intends to restrict their exposure to audiences, particularly during prime viewing hours.

The proposal signals a proactive approach by Armenian authorities to regulate media content and mitigate the promotion of harmful ideologies. 


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