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Armenia Refuses to Provide Road from Main Part of Azerbaijan to Nakhijevan, says Aliyev

Armenia Refuses to Provide Road from Main Part of Azerbaijan to Nakhijevan, says Aliyev

In a diplomatic meeting between Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev and Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi at the 16th summit of the Economic Cooperation Organization in Tashkent, discussions about regional cooperation unveiled differences over road access to Nakhijevan. President Raisi expressed strong support for Azerbaijan's territorial integrity and announced Iran's willingness to contribute to the reconstruction of Nagorno-Karabakh (Artsakh) and the overall development of Azerbaijan.

During the summit, both leaders emphasized the expanding cooperation between their nations in the realm of transportation. President Raisi highlighted the significance of the Aghbend route, passing through the Araks River, as crucial for fostering transport connections between Azerbaijan, Iran, and Nakhijevan. The presidents jointly asserted that any Western intervention could adversely affect the stability and prosperity of the entire region.

President Aliyev took the opportunity to address long standing issues with Armenia, pointing out that Armenia has consistently refused to fulfill its obligations to provide a road from the main part of Azerbaijan to Nakhijevan. Despite this challenge, President Aliyev expressed optimism about an agreement reached with Iran on railway and highway projects along the southern bank of the Araks River. He believes this collaboration will lead to the implementation of a new route, becoming another segment of the North-South Corridor.

"I think they [Armenia] made a big mistake. I am very happy that we reached an agreement with Iran on the issues related to the railway and highway along the southern bank of the Araks River. I am sure that this project will be implemented in a short time and will become another direction of the North-South Corridor. In other words, as a result, we will have two routes: one through Astara, one through Aghbend," President Aliyev declared.

It is essential to note that while Armenia has consistently expressed readiness and interest in opening regional communications, it rejects the corridor logic approach. The Armenian commitment to fostering regional peace was recently underscored by the introduction of the 'Crossroads of Peace' project during the Silk Road International Conference in Tbilisi. This initiative showcases Armenia's dedication to collaborative, peace-oriented solutions in the region, emphasizing the importance of dialogue and cooperation over issues.


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