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Armenia's Approved Master Plan for 1,730-Acre 'Academic City' Development and Education Reform Expected by Early 2024

Yerevan State University, Armenia

Armenia aims to create an innovative educational landscape and promote urban development following the approval of a comprehensive national plan by the National Assembly, extending until 2030. In a recent year-end press conference, Zhanna Andreasyan, the Minister of Education, Science, Culture, and Sport of Armenia, unveiled the government's roadmap for education reform and the groundbreaking Academic City project.

According to the Ministry, the project aims to revolutionize Armenia's education infrastructure, focusing on the development of a forward-thinking educational hub and urban center. Minister Andreasyan highlighted key milestones achieved, stating, "We have approved the concept of the Academic City, signed contracts, and are actively developing its master plan, scheduled for completion by early 2024."

The Academic City, situated in an area encompassing the 17th district of Yerevan and the Hamo Beknazaryan "Hayfilm" film studio, will span approximately 700 hectares (1730 acres). It's set to host up to 16 universities—comprising both state and private institutions—along with research organizations.

"This initiative will accommodate around 44,000 individuals, offering purpose-built facilities, including living quarters, educational institutions, research centers, cultural venues, and a national stadium," Minister Andreasyan said. She further emphasized the zoning plan within the city, promising smooth transportation via bicycles, electric vehicles, and designated regulations for movement.

The Academic City's design phase, scheduled to commence in September 2023 and conclude in September 2025, is projected to be undertaken by internationally acclaimed architectural and construction firms. Partnerships with renowned entities like gmp Architekten and NUSSLI have been established to oversee critical structures' architectural implementation.

Moreover, collaborations with the University of the Arts London highlight the commitment to excellence in the Arts Cluster. The Ministry of Education and Culture revealed plans to involve international partners for the city's development, ensuring world-class standards across all domains.

Funding for this endeavor will be primarily sourced from the Armenian state budget, supplemented by investments from international financial institutions and private sector investors under specific conditions. The construction phase is set to begin in October 2025 and conclude in December 2029, pending preliminary assessments.

The government ensures the seamless continuation of ongoing university and scientific programs within existing infrastructure until the transition to the new clusters is completed. Additionally, the Ministry has invited proposals from state universities and research organizations, fostering inclusivity and collaboration in shaping Armenia's educational landscape.


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