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Armenia's Diaspora Affairs Commissioner Discusses Initiatives and Key Programs

Armenia's Diaspora Affairs Commissioner Discusses Initiatives and Key Programs

In a recent interview with The Armenian Report, the High Commissioner of Diaspora Affairs of Armenia, Zareh Sinanyan, shed light on their initiatives, emphasizing their commitment to fostering strong connections with Armenian communities worldwide. The Commissioner for Diaspora Affairs detailed various ongoing programs and outreach efforts aimed at empowering the diaspora and facilitating integration for repatriates.

One of the prominent programs highlighted was the iGORTS (Integration of Diaspora Specialists into State System) governmental fellowship. This initiative invites professionals from the diaspora to work within the Armenian government for a year, fostering collaboration between international expertise and local governance.

Another key initiative discussed was the Diaspora Young Ambassadors Program, now in its third year. This program equips young individuals with the skills and knowledge necessary to represent Armenia effectively on the global stage.

The newly established Center for Repatriation and Integration was introduced as a vital resource, focusing on supporting repatriates and facilitating their smooth integration into Armenian society. The center offers various services, including vocational classes and Armenian language courses, not only to repatriates but also to individuals displaced from Artsakh due to ethnic cleansing.

In addition to structured programs, the Office of the Commissioner for Diaspora Affairs engages in extensive outreach efforts, actively participating in community events worldwide. Their approach involves learning about diverse Armenian communities and effectively communicating the office's programs, policies, and interests.

Sinanyan also highlighted their involvement in conferences and forums, including a recent youth forum and a lawyers' assembly. These events serve as platforms for exchanging ideas and enhancing collaboration among professionals and youth within the Armenian diaspora.

Furthermore, the office has worked on creating a database of Armenian talent, emphasizing the significance of harnessing the potential within the global Armenian community.


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