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Armenia's FM Presents Genocidal Famine in Artsakh Crisis at UN Emergency Session on Artsakh Blockade

Armenia's FM Presents Genocidal Famine in Artsakh Crisis at UN Emergency Session on Artsakh Blockade

In a powerful appeal to the international community, Armenia's Foreign Minister Ararat Mirzoyan has presented a harrowing picture of the dire humanitarian crisis unfolding in Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh) during a special session of the UN Security Council. The meeting, urgently convened at Armenia's request, addressed the critical situation arising from the blockade of the Lachin corridor by Azerbaijan and the subsequent total siege of Artsakh.

At the heart of Mirzoyan's address was the alarming assertion that famine is being systematically employed to decimate the population of Artsakh, amounting to a form of genocide through starvation. The Minister outlined the catastrophic impact of the blockade, underscoring the gravity of the situation and the urgent need for international intervention.

Foreign Minister Mirzoyan's Address:

Expressing gratitude for the UN Security Council's swift response to convene the emergency session, Mirzoyan highlighted the critical importance of the Lachin corridor - the lifeline connecting Artsakh with Armenia and the outside world. His plea underscored the necessity for support from the international community to uphold the prospects of achieving a just and comprehensive peace in the region.

In his address, Mirzoyan addressed the failure of past attempts to address the crisis, emphasizing the continuous deepening of the humanitarian calamity. Despite numerous calls, commitments outlined in the Trilateral statement of November 9, 2020, and the legally binding orders of the ICJ, the situation has not improved but worsened. The complete siege of Artsakh, orchestrated by Azerbaijan, has left the region in a state of peril and isolation.

The Foreign Minister urged the United Nations Security Council to act as a body dedicated to preventing genocide rather than commemorating it after the fact. He emphasized that the Council's capacity to avert a catastrophe of this nature remains essential.

The UN Security Council Emergency Session on the Artsakh Blockade Crisis marks a critical moment in addressing the dire humanitarian situation. As international attention turns to the plight of Artsakh, the world watches closely for decisive action and collaborative efforts to mitigate the suffering endured by the population.


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