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Armenia’s Legislation: A Domestic Affair, Says PM’s Spokesperson in Response to Aliyev’s Threats

Armenia’s Legislation: A Domestic Affair, Says PM’s Spokesperson in Response to Aliyev’s Threats

In a response to recent statements by Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev, Prime Minister's Spokesperson Nazeli Baghdasaryan emphasized that Armenia's legislation is purely a domestic matter, and no foreign power should interfere in the country's internal affairs.

The remarks from Baghdasaryan came in response to President Aliyev's threats that there would be no peace treaty unless Armenia ceases territorial claims against Azerbaijan and normalizes its legislation.

"Armenia firmly believes that its legislation is a domestic affair, and no external influence should be allowed. We adhere to international agreements, such as the Alma-Ata Declaration, which recognizes each other's territorial integrity and calls for border demarcation based on mutual sovereignty, equality, and reciprocity," stated Baghdasaryan.

She pointed out that Azerbaijan consistently violates these agreements by employing aggressive rhetoric, force, and threats, actions that contradict the written commitments made on international platforms. Additionally, Azerbaijan continues to occupy vital territories, including 31 villages of the Republic of Armenia, intensifying tensions in the region.

"This pattern of behavior by Azerbaijan poses a continuous threat to destabilization, deepening enmity in the region. Armenia remains committed to peace and urges Azerbaijan to withdraw troops from the 1991 border as a crucial step towards stability and mutual trust," Baghdasaryan asserted.

Addressing the issue of a peace treaty, she highlighted an already agreed-upon clause in the negotiated draft between Armenia and Azerbaijan. According to Baghdasaryan, both parties cannot use their legislation to refuse any provision of the peace treaty. However, she expressed concern over recent statements from official Baku, which contradict the previously reached agreement.


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