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Armenia's Passport Rankings: Which Country Holds the Most Powerful Passport in 2024?

Armenia's Passport Rankings: Which Country Holds the Most Powerful Passport in 2024?

The Passport Index serves as a guide, ranking countries based on their citizens' freedom of movement, considering visa-free entry or visa-on-arrival privileges.

In the 2024 rankings, Armenia and Azerbaijan are jointly positioned at 61st place. This status grants their citizens visa-free access to 37 countries, visa-on-arrival access to 46 countries, while requiring visas for travel to 115 other nations. For context, there are 195 sovereign nations globally, excluding some territories under dispute.

Contrastingly, Georgia holds the 34th place in the region. Citizens of Georgia can visit 80 countries without a visa, get visas upon arrival in 51 countries, and require visas for 67 countries.

The Passport Index showcases the UAE passport as the most influential globally, topping the list by allowing entry into 180 countries (132 visa-free and 48 with visas on arrival). The Qatari passport closely follows, securing the 44th position globally and second in the Arab world, granting access to 117 countries (73 visa-free and 44 with visas on arrival).

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia's passport ranks fourth in the Arab world and 47th globally, enabling entry into 101 countries (56 visa-free and 45 with visas on arrival).

Globally, the German passport shares the second position with Spanish, French, Italian, and Dutch passports, each allowing access to 178 countries. Meanwhile, the Swedish passport, alongside the Finnish, Luxembourgish, Austrian, and Swiss passports, secures the third global position, granting access to 177 countries.

These rankings play a significant role in determining the ease of international travel for citizens, showcasing the varying degrees of accessibility based on nationality.


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