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Armenia Recognizes the State of Palestine and Sparks International Reactions

Armenia's Recognizes the State of Palestine and Sparks International Reactions

The humanitarian crisis in Gaza and the ongoing military conflict remain pressing issues on the global political agenda. On Friday, Armenia's Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) released a statement addressing these concerns and announcing a significant diplomatic move: the recognition of the State of Palestine.

In its statement, Armenia emphasized its firm stance against targeting civilian infrastructure, violence against civilians, and hostage-taking during armed conflicts. Aligning with the international community, Armenia called for the unconditional release of civilians and an immediate ceasefire in Gaza. The Armenian government also expressed its commitment to peace and stability in the Middle East, advocating for a lasting reconciliation between the Jewish and Palestinian peoples through a "two-state" solution.

The statement highlighted Armenia's consistent support for peaceful and comprehensive resolutions to the Palestinian issue, stressing that the two-state solution is essential for the legitimate aspirations of both Palestinians and Israelis. "The Republic of Armenia recognizes the State of Palestine," the MFA concluded, reaffirming its dedication to international law, equality, sovereignty, and peaceful coexistence.

Israel’s Response

Following Armenia's recognition of Palestine, Israel's Ministry of Foreign Affairs summoned the Armenian ambassador. The Israeli MFA's Russian-language Telegram account reported that the ambassador was called to receive a "strong reprimand" due to Armenia's decision.

Despite the Israeli MFA's claim, the Armenian MFA spokesperson, Ani Badalyan, clarified that no such meeting had taken place. She reiterated Armenia's position on the two-state principle and stated that there would be no additional public comment at this time.

Turkey’s Reaction

Turkey welcomed Armenia's recognition of Palestine. The Turkish MFA released a statement expressing satisfaction with Armenia's decision, viewing it as a positive step towards supporting Palestinian rights and reinforcing international law. Anadolu Agency reported Turkey's approval, highlighting the significance of Armenia's move.

Palestine’s Reponse

Armenia's Recognizes the State of Palestine and Sparks International Reactions

The Palestinian Presidency also commended Armenia's recognition, describing it as a "courageous and significant decision." In a press statement, the Presidency expressed deep appreciation for Armenia's commitment to peace and stability in the region. The statement shows the strong bonds of friendship between the two nations and emphasized Armenia's support for Palestinian self-determination.

The Palestinian leadership urged other nations, especially European countries that have yet to recognize Palestine, to follow Armenia's example. The Presidency highlighted recent recognitions by Spain, Ireland, Norway, and Slovenia, encouraging more countries to support the path towards peace, stability, and the reinforcement of international law.

Armenia's Commitment to Peace

Armenia's decision to recognize Palestine shows its dedication to resolving one of the most contentious issues in international politics. By advocating for a two-state solution and reaffirming its commitment to international principles, Armenia aims to contribute positively to the ongoing efforts for peace in the Middle East. The recognition of Palestine is not only a diplomatic stance but also a call for broader international support towards a just and lasting resolution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.


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