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Armenia's Security Tied to CSTO Cooperation, Says Russian MFA

Armenia's Security Tied to CSTO Cooperation, Says Russian MFA

Viktor Vasilyev, the ambassador-at-large for the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO) at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia, emphasized the crucial role of CSTO cooperation for ensuring Armenia's security, particularly in the technico-military domain.

Speaking to RIA Novosti, Vasilyev highlighted the integral connection between Armenia's security and collaboration within the CSTO framework. "I cannot provide you with information that clearly shows that Armenia's security, including in the technico-military domain, is not possible without cooperation within the framework of the CSTO," he stated, highlighting the significance of collective efforts for safeguarding the nation.

Moreover, Vasilyev expressed Russia's concern about attempts by Western countries to exploit the current situation in Armenia, potentially escalating tensions not only within the country but throughout the entire Caucasus region. He emphasized that discussions within the CSTO serve as a platform to draw the attention of Armenian partners to what he described as a premeditated policy by Western nations.


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