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Armenian-American Gev Iskajyan Chronicles Artsakh Ethnic Cleansing Horrors in an Eye-Witness Intv

Armenian-American Gev Iskajyan Chronicles Artsakh Ethnic Cleansing Horrors in an Eye-Witness Intv

In an interview with The Armenian Report, Gev Iskajyan, a representative of the Armenian National Committee of America (ANCA), provided a firsthand account of the devastating mass exodus of ethnic Armenians from Artsakh (Nagorno Karabakh). Iskajyan, who spent over two years in Artsakh and lived through the blockade, recounted the tragic ethnic cleansing of Armenians from the region, sharing his profound grief and the resilience he witnessed among the people he met.

"They kill you and send flowers to your funeral," Iskajyan described to The Armenian Report the crimes of Azerbaijan. He described the mixed feelings of relief and utter sadness, knowing that leaving Artsakh meant leaving behind a place that may never be the same again. The only possession he carried with him was a cross, emphasizing the symbolic weight of faith in the face of despair.

Reflecting on the dire situation, Iskajyan emphasized the immense challenges faced by the Armenian population, highlighting the resilience of the people of Artsakh. "The people of Artsakh did not give any concessions; their resilience is incredible and it cannot go understated," he said. Azerbaijan, recognizing this resilience, resorted to military operations when their attempts at coercion failed.

Iskajyan stressed the urgent need to keep communities together, acknowledging the difficulty of such a proposal amidst the crisis. He emphasized the importance of ensuring Armenia's safety, emphasizing the necessity of competent military leadership and a collective change in mindset.

"The change starts with ourselves," he said passionately. "We have to change the way we think, feel, and act."

Iskajyan's words resonated with a profound sense of urgency. He warned against complacency, emphasizing the very real threat Armenia faces from neighbors determined to erase its existence. The loss of Artsakh, he fears, could be followed by the loss of Armenia if drastic measures aren't taken.

"So many families, so many people didn’t make it out," Iskajyan said somberly, his voice a testament to the gravity of the situation. He emphasized the ruthlessness of Azerbaijan's tactics, targeting not just the land but also the heroes and the very essence of Artsakh's identity.

As the world watches the unfolding tragedy in Artsakh, Gev Iskajyan's words serve as a powerful reminder of the urgency of action. The resilience of the Armenian people, juxtaposed with the grim reality of ethnic cleansing, demands global attention, empathy, and a commitment to ensuring the survival of a nation that refuses to be erased from history.


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