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Armenian Diaspora in Glendale Marches in Solidarity with Tavush for the Homeland Movement

Armenian diaspora march in Glendale, CA
photo credit @ayfwest

In a strong display of solidarity, the Armenian diaspora of Glendale, California, came together to support the ongoing protests in Armenia. The event, characterized not just as a protest but as a collective commitment to Armenian values and unity, started at the St. Mary’s Armenian Apostolic Church in Glendale.

As the community gathered, clerics from the church welcomed the protesters, initiating the event with a solemn prayer and an inspiring speech. "My beloved, we are not gathered here today for a regular protest. If we are just to protest then we are wasting our time. We are here to make a vow first with ourselves and then with each other as Armenians," one of the leading clergymen declared, setting a profound tone for the gathering.

Following the speeches, the crowd, led by the clergy and a symbolic cross, marched approximately one mile to the Armenian Consulate in Glendale. The Glendale Police Department provided security, ensuring the safety of the protesters as they walked through the streets, a sign of the community’s organization and determination.

Upon reaching the consulate, the head clergy addressed the crowd again, this time defending the 'Tavush for the Homeland' movement. He voiced strong opposition to Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan and his controversial concessions to Azerbaijan, which have sparked widespread dissent among Armenians worldwide.

This march in Glendale is part of a larger series of events as the 'Tavush for the Homeland' movement approaches its significant arrival in Yerevan on Thursday, May 9. The Armenian Report plans to broadcast live from Yerevan, providing updates and coverage of this critical moment in Armenian political and social life.


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