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Armenian Envoy Slams Azerbaijan's "Final Cleaning" Ceremony at UN Human Rights Council

Armenian Envoy Slams Azerbaijan's "Final Cleaning" Ceremony at UN Human Rights Council

During a session at the United Nations Human Rights Council, Armenia's Permanent Representative, Andranik Hovhannisyan, vehemently condemned Azerbaijan's recent "final cleaning" ceremony held in the city of Stepanakert, located in the occupied Republic of Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh).

Just two days prior to Hovhannisyan's address, Azerbaijan orchestrated a grand ceremonial event featuring a massive bonfire in Stepanakert, officially labeling it as a "final cleaning." The choice of terminology raised immediate concerns and drew sharp criticism from the Armenian envoy.

Hovhannisyan wasted no time in expressing his dismay over Azerbaijan's actions, particularly in a region where the majority of the Armenian population had been forcibly displaced from their ancestral homes. Citing reports from reputable international bodies such as the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe and the Council of Europe Commissioner for Human Rights, Hovhannisyan emphasized the genuine threat faced by Armenians, leading to their forced exodus from their homes.

He underscored the dire circumstances that prompted Armenians to flee, including a history of hostility and violence against Armenians, as well as a lack of trust in their future safety and well-being. Furthermore, Hovhannisyan referenced a joint statement supported by forty states at the Human Rights Council, which attributed the mass displacement of Armenians to Azerbaijan's military actions and the prolonged blockade of essential corridors, resulting in severe humanitarian crises.

In his impassioned speech, Hovhannisyan raised concerns about the implications of using such rhetoric as "final cleaning," noting the inherent threat it poses to human rights and the broader principles of justice and dignity. He urged the international community to challenge and condemn such language, emphasizing the need to safeguard human rights in regions affected by war and occupation.

"The human rights are under serious threat when such slogans as 'final cleaning' are used and remain unchallenged," Hovhannisyan concluded, rallying support for concerted efforts to address and rectify the injustices faced by vulnerable populations in conflict-affected areas.


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