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Armenian MP: Last Year Saw 2,000 More Boys Born in Armenia Than in 2001

Armenian MP: Last Year Saw 2,000 More Boys Born in Armenia Than in 2001

Hayk Sargsyan, a member of the ruling Civil Contract Faction in the National Assembly of Armenia, recently shed light on a promising trend in the country's birth rates during a press conference. Sargsyan disclosed statistical data showcasing a growth trend in the number of boys born in Armenia over recent years.

The lawmaker highlighted a significant decline in male births between 1992 and 2001, noting a 52% reduction in the number of boys born in Armenia during that decade, with figures dropping from 36 thousand to 17 thousand births. However, Sargsyan pointed out a more optimistic trend in subsequent years.

Sargsyan revealed that in 2019, 17 thousand boys were born, and by 2022, this number increased to 19 thousand. The noteworthy rise of 2,000 more boys born in 2022 compared to 2001 signifies a shift in the declining birth rate, indicating a potential reversal of the previous downward trend.

"This catastrophic situation has not persisted; we even observe a growth trend," stated Sargsyan optimistically. He emphasized the importance of effective governance and efforts to encourage citizens to remain in the country, have larger families, and contribute to boosting birth rates.

Sargsyan's comments align with his proposed draft law, aiming to provide male Armenian citizens, aged 27 and yet to complete mandatory military service, the option to pay 15 million drams to the Armenian state budget, thereby exempting themselves from criminal liability. The bill offers alternatives such as paying 2.5 million drams and serving for a year, 5 million drams for a six-month service, or 10 million drams for just one month of service in the Armenian army.

The proposed law reflects efforts to address military service obligations while potentially promoting a conducive environment for family growth, which aligns with the positive shift in birth rates observed by Sargsyan.


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