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Armenian PM Pashinyan Grilled by Journalist: 'Failed Politician or Traitor?' in Fiery Presser

Armenian PM Pashinyan Grilled by Journalist: 'Failed Politician or Traitor?' in Fiery Presser

During a recent press conference held by Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan, a critical moment unfolded as the political correspondent of The Armenian Report, Ani Gevorgyan, posed a question on behalf of Mikael Arakelyan, a participant in the 44-day war. Arakelyan, representing the occupied community of Shushi, raised concerns about the humanitarian situation and questioned the Prime Minister's sense of responsibility, conscience, and the possibility of resignation.

Arakelyan began by describing the distressing humanitarian conditions faced by the people of Artsakh, seeking clarity on whether Pashinyan felt accountable for the situation and whether he had any intentions of stepping down. In an emotionally charged moment, Arakelyan directly asked, "Who are you, a failed politician or a traitor? Aren't you afraid to suffer the fate of Melik Frangyul, whose grave is dishonored by everyone?"

Prime Minister Pashinyan responded to Arakelyan's questions, addressing the accusations leveled against him. He stated that he does not want to remind people about the traffic jams from Stepanakert to Yerevan during the war, implying that focusing on such issues is counterproductive.

Pashinyan also criticized some individuals who claimed to be heroes but were allegedly involved in looting during the war. The Prime Minister emphasized the importance of making responsible decisions and acknowledging the repercussions of the actions taken during the conflict.

The exchange between the journalist and the Prime Minister continued, with Gevorgyan retorting that every person living in Artsakh today deserves respect and recognition as a hero, regardless of their political affiliations or actions during the war.

In response to Arakelyan's question about responsibility and resignation, Pashinyan asserted that he feels responsible. "I do feel responsible, and I did resign. I'm not going to quit every day. I am not afraid of anything related to my personal issues, I am afraid of the wrong decisions we have made and will make. If you know my biography, you should also know the extent of my fears," Pashinyan said.

Touching on the terminology surrounding the region, the Prime Minister explained his use of the term "Nagorno-Karabakh," citing its inclusion in the statement of November 9. He stated that he uses this term to clarify its meaning to the international community, despite the criticism from some individuals who prefer the term "Artsakh."

The press conference brought to light the ongoing tensions and discussions surrounding the aftermath of the 44-day war and the occupied Artsakh regions. Prime Minister Pashinyan's responses shed light on his stance, with an emphasis on the need for responsible decision-making and accountability for the actions taken during the war.

The issue of terminology, using either "Nagorno-Karabakh" or "Artsakh," remains a point of debate among various individuals and the international community. As the nation moves forward, finding common ground and engaging in respectful dialogue will be crucial in addressing the challenges faced by the region and its people.


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