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Armenian PM Warns of Escalating Humanitarian Crisis in Artsakh due to Lachin Corridor Blockade

PM Nikol Pashinyan

Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan issued a stark warning on Thursday, shedding light on the intensifying humanitarian crisis gripping Artsakh (Nagorno Karabakh) as a direct consequence of the illegal blockade of the vital Lachin Corridor.

Prime Minister Pashinyan underscored the gravity of the situation during a Cabinet meeting on July 6. He lamented the worsening conditions in Artsakh, emphasizing that the crisis has been escalating since a provocation near the Hakari Bridge on June 15. The corridor's blockade has left Artsakh bereft of essential supplies, a predicament exacerbated by the cessation of natural gas and electricity by Azerbaijan for several months.

Pashinyan revealed that even the presence of Russian peacekeepers in Artsakh has not been sufficient to alleviate the dire conditions, as the Lachin Corridor remains completely inaccessible for supply efforts. The ongoing deprivation has cast a somber shadow on the region, leaving its inhabitants grappling with critical shortages of essential goods.

Furthermore, the Armenian Prime Minister expressed alarm over the rising tide of Azerbaijani rhetoric and propaganda, particularly concerning Artsakh. He pointed out that the escalating verbal aggression compounds the humanitarian challenges already faced by the region.

The Lachin Corridor, which serves as a lifeline connecting Artsakh to Armenia, has become a focal point of concern in the aftermath of the conflict. The blockade, deemed illegal by Armenian authorities, has unleashed a series of adverse consequences that continue to impact the lives of the people in Artsakh.

As the situation in Artsakh remains tenuous, Prime Minister Pashinyan's urgent message underscores the pressing need for international attention and collaborative efforts to address the mounting humanitarian crisis resulting from the Lachin Corridor blockade. The call to action resonates as a plea to alleviate the suffering of the affected population and restore essential supplies to the embattled region.


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