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Armenian Soldier Injured in Mine Explosion During Demining Operation in Tavush Region; Residents Say 'Anyone Who Removes Mines from Our Lands Is Not Armenian'

Tavush, Armenia - residents block roads

In a recent development, MP Garnik Danielyan reported live about an Armenian soldier who was injured in a mine explosion while conducting demining operations in the border area of Tavush region.


Efforts were made to confirm the accuracy of this information with the Ministry of Defense, which subsequently provided clarification. According to Defense Ministry spokesman Aram Torosyan, a soldier sustained injuries from a mine explosion, but fortunately, his life is not in danger. Torosyan further added that the soldier's condition is deemed satisfactory.

When pressed for more details regarding the circumstances surrounding the injury, the Ministry of Defense's press secretary refrained from disclosing further information.

This incident comes amidst ongoing demining efforts in Tavush villages, aimed at preparing the area for surrender to Azerbaijan. However, it's worth noting a significant reaction from local residents, as captured in video footage by The Armenian Report showing them obstructing the passage of ambulance to the area. Their rationale appears to stem from a belief that individuals involved in mine removal activities are perceived as traitors and collaborators with Azerbaijan, which is met with strong opposition. “Anyone who removes a mine from our lands is not Armenian, he’s a Turk,” say the locals.

As the situation unfolds, further updates will be made here on The Armenian Report as our team is reporting live from the ground. 


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