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Armenians of Artsakh Experiencing Daily Six Hour Power Outages as Azerbaijani Blockade Continues

Child in Artsakh during blockade

As of February 9, the schedule of rolling blackouts was modified in an effort to ease the increased load on overhead power lines, due to Azerbaijan’s repeated blocking of the gas supply to Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh).

With the new schedule, each household will still experience blackouts for six hours each day, but instead of three 2-hour blocks, there will now be six 1-hour blocks of blackouts each day.

The new schedule will reduce the load on the overhead lines, while also allowing households to avoid staying without heating for long periods of time.

Update of daily statistics:

  • 8 children are in the neonatal and intensive care units of the children’s hospital.

  • 9 adult patients are in the intensive care unit, 3 of whom are in critical condition.

  • 227 children have been born under the blockade.

  • About 620 people have been deprived of the opportunity to receive necessary medical treatment due to suspensions of planned surgeries in all medical facilities of Artsakh.

  • As of today, 83 patients have been transferred from Artsakh to Armenia to receive appropriate medical care with the mediation and accompaniment of the International Committee of the Red Cross.

  • At least 5,100 people have lost jobs and sources of income as a result of the impact on the economy.

More than 24,000 tons of vital supplies, which would have been delivered during the period of the blockade, have not reached Artsakh. Only a meager amount has since been delivered by the ICRC and the Russian peacekeeping forces.


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