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Artsakh Expresses Willingness for Dialogue Amidst Reports of Potential Stepanakert-Baku Talks

Artsakh Expresses Willingness for Dialogue Amidst Reports of Potential Stepanakert-Baku Talks

The authorities of Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh) have reaffirmed their openness to discussing reasonable proposals for organizing meetings between their representatives and officials from Azerbaijan. Artsakh’s Foreign Ministry responded to inquiries from ARMENPRESS regarding recent media reports hinting at a possible meeting between representatives of Stepanakert and Baku.

In a written statement to ARMENPRESS, Artsakh’s Foreign Ministry acknowledged the significant public interest both in Artsakh and Armenia concerning the potential initiation of direct dialogue with Baku. However, the ministry refrained from commenting on individual meetings that have not transpired, as such speculation would be inappropriate.

The Foreign Ministry of Artsakh emphasized its continuous readiness to engage in discussions over sensible proposals for arranging meetings between representatives of Artsakh and Azerbaijan. It further highlighted Artsakh's consistent efforts in proposing initiatives to mediate such meetings with the involvement of relevant mediators.

The ministry underscored the necessity for genuine interest and a responsible approach from both sides to effectively address disputes and ensure the success of any potential dialogue. While expressing their side's keen interest, the foreign ministry noted that the initiation of constructive dialogue hinges on reciprocal readiness from the Azerbaijani side.

Crucially, the authorities in Artsakh emphasized that any dialogue between Artsakh and Azerbaijan must unfold within a coordinated international framework, possessing a relevant mandate. This approach, they argued, would not only engage the international community more actively in the negotiation process but also bolster its legitimacy and stability. Additionally, such a framework would establish dependable assurances for the execution of potential agreements between the two sides.

As the ongoing blockade and humanitarian crisis persists, the willingness of Artsakh h to engage in diplomatic dialogue reflects a significant step towards finding lasting solutions and fostering stability in the South Caucasus region.


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