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Artsakh Implements Austerity Measures as Azerbaijan Blocks Critical Transportation Routes

Artsakh Implements Austerity Measures as Azerbaijan Blocks Critical Transportation Routes

The state system of Artsakh has been placed on full austerity mode since the road connecting the region to Armenia was completely blocked by Azerbaijan on the previous day. As a result of the blockade, crucial humanitarian cargo transportation by Russian peacekeeping forces and the transportation of patients to Armenia through the International Red Cross Organization for medical care have come to a halt.

Artsakh's Minister of State, Gurgen Nersisyan, made the announcement through a Facebook livestream on Friday, revealing the drastic impact of the blockade on the region's daily life and essential services.

Given the gravity of the situation, Artsakh's entire state system has swiftly adopted austerity measures. Public service providers have been directed to adjust their operations accordingly, and restrictions have been implemented to manage the challenges posed by the blockade.

Minister Nersisyan emphasized that in light of the rapidly changing circumstances, the state administration system has revised existing approaches to address immediate needs. The minister urged leadership to exercise caution in using fuel and official vehicles, reserving such resources for extreme necessities only.

Territorial management and local self-government bodies have been mobilized to ensure the smooth supply of food and bread to the population. The Ministry of Health has been given the necessary support to organize emergency medical assistance for the affected residents.

Recognizing the significance of agricultural work in maintaining continuity and livelihoods, Minister Nersisyan assured that his ministry would actively coordinate and manage the process to facilitate the implementation of agricultural activities.

Public transport will continue to operate, with inter-district routes organized to facilitate movement within the region.

The Minister of State also addressed the citizens of Artsakh, urging them to act sparingly during these challenging times. In response to the blockade's impact on fuel supplies, the provision of fuel to individuals has been temporarily stopped to manage resources efficiently.

The blockade imposed by Azerbaijan has had severe consequences on the people of Artsakh, hindering essential services and creating challenges in providing humanitarian aid.


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