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"Aurora's Sunrise" Honored in Top Films of 2023 by Irish Cinephile

"Aurora's Sunrise" Honored in Top Films of 2023 by Irish Cinephile

Inna Sahakyan's admiring animated documentary, "Aurora's Sunrise," continues to receive acclaim as it secures a spot in the prestigious list of the top 25 films of 2023 by Irish Cinephile, a respected online film and television review platform.

The film narrates the remarkable journey of Aurora Mardiganian, a survivor of the Armenian Genocide, who transforms from a victim to a silent movie star. The narrative, almost surreal in its portrayal, unfolds the harrowing experiences of Aurora, who, having lost her family and escaped slavery, embarks on a mission to share the untold story of the Armenian Genocide with the world. As she reaches Hollywood, her life becomes the center of attention in the silent film era, resulting in a blockbuster that raises $30 million, ultimately saving 160,000 orphans whose descendants now number in the millions.

"Aurora's Sunrise" utilizes a captivating blend of unique testimony, archive footage, and the enchantment of animation to revive and retell Aurora's courageous story. The film not only pays tribute to a forgotten hero but also sheds light on the lasting impact of her actions.

This recognition by Irish Cinephile adds to the film's growing list of accolades. Previously, "Aurora's Sunrise" was featured in MovieWeb's esteemed compilation of the "16 Best Animated Movies of 2023," emphasizing its widespread acclaim and influence within the film industry.

Further cementing its status as an outstanding work of cinematic art, "Aurora's Sunrise" secured the Grand Prix at the 2023 FIFDH, solidifying its position as a poignant and impactful creation.

As Inna Sahakyan's film continues to captivate audiences worldwide, you too can catch this film on PBS. It’s streaming until January 24 on


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