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Azerbaijan Bombs Artsakh, Threatens Armenians To Evacuate

Azerbaijan Bombs Artsakh, Threatens Armenians To Evacuate

Today, on September 19, 2023, Azerbaijan initiated a significant military operation in the region of Artsakh, also known as Nagorno-Karabakh. The operation includes threats to Armenians living in the area, urging them to evacuate their homes.

This recent escalation follows a prolonged period of hardship for the people of Artsakh. Starting from December 12, 2022, for a period of nine months, Azerbaijan has imposed a blockade, restricting the flow of essential supplies such as food and medicine into Artsakh, resulting in a severe humanitarian crisis.

The Azerbaijani defense ministry announced on Tuesday that they are commencing "local anti-terrorist activities" in the region to address pressing security concerns. Reports and video footage from Artsakh depict intense gunfire and explosions, with air raid sirens sounding in the capital city of Stepanakert.

Azerbaijan's announcement of evacuating Armenians from "dangerous areas" immediately raised concerns of ethnic cleansing. Azerbaijan says that it started its military operation on Tuesday in response to vehicle destruction caused by landmines, resulting in the loss of four Azeri soldiers and two civilians. However, Azerbaijan has not explained how the besieged Armenian population in Artsakh obtained such weaponry. The Azerbaijani government stated that they are targeting military facilities, positions on the front line, and deep within enemy territory as part of their "anti-terrorist" measures, using precision weapons.

Azerbaijan has stated that its objective is to disable Armenian military facilities and evacuate the Armenian population from Artsakh, effectively acknowledging ethnic cleansing.

Meanwhile, the lives of approximately 120,000 Armenians in Artsakh are in imminent danger. The so-called "humanitarian corridor" mentioned by Azerbaijan is the same route that has been blocked for over nine months, and it is where many Armenians have been subjected to kidnappings, beatings, and captivity.

Armenia's Prime Minister, Nikol Pashinyan, has convened his country's security council and called upon the United Nations Security Council and Russia to take decisive actions to halt Azerbaijan's aggression.

This latest development represents a significant setback for the European Union (EU). The EU had been working to establish a relationship with Azerbaijan, aiming to build them as an ally and alternative source of natural gas, separate from Russia.


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