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Azerbaijan Converts Holy Ascension Church of Berdzor into Mosque, Sparking Outrage

Holy Ascension Church

The Holy Ascension Church of Berdzor is facing controversy as reports emerge of Azerbaijan's efforts to convert the Christian place of worship into a mosque. The State Service for Preservation of Historic Environment (Artsakh Monuments) has confirmed the development, expressing concerns over the expropriation of history, destruction of cultural identity, religious intolerance, and falsification.

Disturbing images circulating on social media reveal that the cross atop the church's dome has been removed, further fueling tensions and indignation among the local community and beyond.

The Holy Ascension Church of Berdzor holds significant historical and cultural value for the people of Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh) as a symbol of their religious heritage. The act of converting the church into a mosque is seen as a direct challenge to the region's historical legacy and religious diversity.

Critics argue that such actions further strain the fragile relations and exacerbate the already complex situation on the ground.

Amid the growing backlash, officials from Artsakh Monuments and other concerned organizations are urging for immediate attention to this matter, emphasizing the need to safeguard the region's rich historical and religious heritage. The incident has drawn widespread condemnation and sparked discussions about the importance of promoting religious tolerance and understanding in the broader context of regional stability.


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