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Azerbaijan Destroys Fallen Heroes Memorial in Artsakh Village

Azerbaijan Destroys Fallen Heroes Memorial in Artsakh Village

Azerbaijani forces have reportedly destroyed a memorial dedicated to fallen war heroes in the village of Hakaku, located in the Hadrut region of Azerbaijani-occupied Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh). The Artsakh Monument Watch has brought attention to this act of vandalism, shedding light on the destruction that took place in a village with a significant historical significance.

According to a video shared on various Armenian Telegram channels on January 15, Azerbaijani troops were seen near the memorial erected in memory of those who bravely defended the village during the first Artsakh war in the early 1990s. The footage reveals a disturbing scene of broken and desecrated memorial plaques.

"The video reveals that the memorial plaques are broken and desecrated. The Azerbaijani troops in the video show the broken memorial plaques with assault rifles, using swear words, turning them over and hitting them. Some of the memorial plaques bear traces of gunshots," stated the Artsakh Monument Watch in a statement on Thursday.

The watchdog expressed difficulty in pinpointing the exact timing of the desecration but noted that the Azerbaijani soldiers stationed in various parts of the occupied Hadrut region are likely responsible for the vandalism.

This act of disrespect toward a memorial that commemorates the sacrifices of fallen heroes during the Artsakh war has understandably sparked outrage. The incident raises concerns about the preservation of historical sites and monuments in regions affected by occupation.


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