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Azerbaijan Fires 60+ Shots at Armenian-American Yeraskh Factory, Targets Construction Site & Workers

Azerbaijan Fires 60+ Shots at Armenian-American Yeraskh Factory, Targets Construction Site & Workers

The Yeraskh village in Armenia's Ararat Province witnessed a disturbing surge in hostilities as Azerbaijan's armed forces unleashed more than 60 high-intensity shots towards a factory under construction, causing heightened tensions in the region. The Armenian-American GTB Steel LLC, responsible for the construction, reported the alarming incident that took place between August 25 and 27.

The construction site, situated in Yeraskh village, became the focal point of an unprecedented barrage of gunfire. The Azerbaijani armed forces targeted not only the factory but also the nearby accommodation area where the construction workers were housed.

GTB Steel, the Armenian-American company responsible for the construction project, confirmed the alarming escalation. The targeted factory's construction holds significance for economic development and local employment opportunities in the region. The incident has not only disrupted the construction progress but has also left a cloud of uncertainty over the safety and well-being of the workers.

The firing of more than 60 high-intensity shots over the course of three days marks a concerning escalation in hostilities between the two countries. The incident has garnered international attention, raising concerns about the maintenance of peace in the region and the safety of civilian infrastructure and workers.

As Armenia's Ararat Province and the Yeraskh village come to terms with the recent escalation, both local and international stakeholders are closely monitoring developments. The incident further underscores the importance of finding comprehensive solutions to the underlying issues fueling the tensions between Armenia and Azerbaijan, as well as the necessity of safeguarding civilian infrastructure and human lives along the border.


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