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Azerbaijan Fires on Harvester in Artsakh, No Casualties Reported

Azerbaijan Fires on Harvester in Artsakh, No Casualties Reported

Tensions flared once again in Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh) on September 7 when the Azerbaijani Armed Forces reportedly opened fire on a harvester operating in the fields of the Sarushen community within the Askeran region. The incident, which occurred at 12:10 local time, was promptly reported by the Artsakh Defence Army.

There were no reported casualties on the Artsakh side as a result of the attack. The Artsakh Defence Army quickly issued a statement confirming the absence of injuries or fatalities among their personnel or civilians.

In response to the incident, the Command of the Russian peacekeeping contingent, which plays a pivotal role in maintaining stability in the region, was informed about this violation of the ceasefire agreement.

These attacks on harvesters are detrimental, particularly given the ongoing blockade in Artsakh. With the dire humanitarian crisis and a shortage of food, it's crucial for farmers to be able to harvest their crops. At the very least, the locals can depend on what they can grow and harvest from their lands.

Every time Azerbaijan violates the ceasefire and attacks the civilians of Artsakh, it exacerbates the severity of the humanitarian crisis even further.


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