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Azerbaijan Releases 32 Armenian POWs, Armenia Frees Two Azerbaijanis

Azerbaijan Releases 32 Armenian POWs, Armenia Frees Two Azerbaijanis

BREAKING NEWS: Armenia and Azerbaijan have agreed upon a mutual release of prisoners. In a joint statement issued by the Prime Minister's Office of Armenia and the administration of the President of Azerbaijan, it was announced that Armenia has released two Azerbaijani servicemen, while Azerbaijan has released 32 Armenian servicemen.

Although the specific identities of the released individuals have not been disclosed and the return timeline for these individuals has not been officially confirmed.

Reports from the Azerbaijani APA agency shed light on the circumstances surrounding the return of these Armenian POWs. Some of the returnees to Armenia were purportedly among those apprehended during anti-terror operations conducted in Hadrut in December 2020. Additionally, the remaining six POWs were abducted at various border points.

The backdrop of this exchange traces back to the escalating tensions following the events of November 9, 2020, when Azerbaijani forces occupied the last two Armenian villages in the Hadrut region, leading to the capture of 64 reservists. While some were repatriated to Baku, 26 individuals continue to be held in Azerbaijani prisons, having received sentences ranging up to six years on diverse charges.

Human rights activists have highlighted the plight of 55 Armenians, including 41 prisoners of war, eight former Artsakh leaders, and six civilians, who remain incarcerated in Azerbaijani detention facilities.

Furthermore, as a gesture of goodwill, Armenia has withdrawn its candidacy to host the 29th Session of the Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change ("COP29"), throwing support behind Azerbaijan's bid. In return, Azerbaijan expresses support for Armenia's candidacy for membership in the "COP" Bureau of the Eastern European Group.


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