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Azerbaijan's Attempt to Sabotage Armenian Economy Raises Alarms, Warns Union of Miners and Metallurgists

Azerbaijan's Attempt to Sabotage Armenian Economy Raises Alarms, Warns Union of Miners and Metallurgists

The Union of Miners and Metallurgists of Armenia has raised a red flag against a joint effort to undermine Armenia's mining sector through disinformation and fake news campaigns. The union, in a stern statement, voiced its concerns, warning that these false accusations could jeopardize the stability of Armenia's economy.

Expressing disappointment over both foreign and domestic entities, including Armenian environmental organizations, propagating misinformation, the union emphasized the significant strides made by Armenia's mining sector in sustainable management. It said that instead of acknowledging positive changes, some entities, wittingly or unwittingly, are aiding Azerbaijan's agenda to portray Armenia negatively on the regional stage.

The union pointed out that Azerbaijan, in its bid to sabotage Armenia's economy, has exploited defamatory accusations, citing the unfortunate incident involving the Yeraskh steel plant project. The deliberate efforts by Azerbaijan to obstruct the project resulted in significant economic losses for Armenia.

Highlighting specific targets of Azerbaijan's disinformation campaign, the union mentioned the Metsamor Nuclear Power Plant, the Kapan and Kajaran Combines, the pending re-launch of the Amulsar gold mine, and the Ararat gold plant and Teghut. The union urged caution against non-professional assessments, baseless accusations, and misinformation, emphasizing their role in amplifying Azerbaijan's propaganda.

In conclusion, the Union of Miners and Metallurgists emphasized the importance of responsible and modern mining practices in Armenia and called for a united front against disinformation that could harm the nation's economic prospects.

Armenian citizens and stakeholders are encouraged to remain vigilant against false narratives that may compromise the nation's economic well-being.


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